Our Services

Web Design

We create corporate websites, online stores, real estate sites, hotel sites, business sites, by using the latest technologies in the field of web design and implement functions tailored to specific customer needs.


Redesign is necessary when an already designed website does not lead to the expected results, needs to be compatible with the latest technologies in the field of web design, have to be refreshed or needs more functionality.

Website support

To make your website actual and interesting to keep attention of the visitors, to provide your customers with the latest information about your products or services, there always comes a time, that require making changes to the site.

Domain registration

Domain name is your unique identity on the web. The domain name may contain part of the name of your business and makes you easily discoverable in the global network. The appropriate choice of the domain name helps for Search Engine Optimization of your website.

Web hosting

In current market conditions the possession of reliable web hosting is a key factor in building your business on the Internet. We offer web hosting that comply with resources needed for proper and smooth operation of the website.