Frequently Asked Questions

The website is a place in the global network called the "World Wide Web", consisting of multiple web pages. Web pages are a collection of texts, images, audio and video information. 

Each page has an address. The initial part of the address is the site name (domain), and the rest of the address indicates which is the specific page of this site. The pages are usually text files that are located on the web hosting server. 

Every website has a home page. It is the first page that users see when they enter the website. The website may also contain additional different types of documents and files, such as texts, images, music, videos or animations. Each website is owned and operated by an individual, company or organization.

Listing your company in the global space will help it be more popular, more accessible and competitive. Today possession of a company's web site is not either only something modern or a question of luxury - it is a must for any contemporary business. The company's website and email address are not just another means of communication with customers and partners. Web pages are one of the best forms of Internet advertising. The online stores are getting a very successful way for any entrepreneur to expand his business. This is an opportunity that no one should underestimate.

Internet can help you expand your business enormously. In recent years, there is no other resource like the Internet, which opens so many opportunities for every business. If you were restricted in selling just to the customers who have visited your representative office or shop, now through your site you can reach the whole national and even international market. In practice, any user anywhere in the world can be considered as your potential customer.

If today owning a web site is good for your business, then the trends are that tomorrow it will be essential for its functioning and development. Any company that does not have its own web page misses great opportunities. While you are unsure whether your business must have its Internet presence or not your direct competitors already enjoy all the benefits and opportunities that give them the World Wide Web.

Web design is an essential step in creating any website. The term includes a visually stylish solution and convenience for accessing information. Web design process can be described as a mixture of creative and technical work. Creative work includes the craftsmanship of the individual graphic, audio elements and text formatting. Technical work includes the arrangement of these elements in a code which by using the relevant standard is then displayed on the monitor screen. Web design is the face of any company or organization in the World Wide Web.

The right balance between graphic design and information architecture on the website leads to the main purpose of the web design - to inform, advertise and sell. Process of creating the web design of your site begins with clarifying your vision for the site, colors and functionality and ends with the elaboration of a model.

Our goal is to become a partner who can be relied upon to offer in one place all the necessary services for electronic representation of your business.

Web hosting is a service which allocates space for customers to showcase their websites on computer servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7. Servers are powerful computers that have extremely large hard drives, or an array of hard drives.

Space is then rented to those who want a "website presence" on the Internet.

We offer web hosting services on servers based in specialized data centers with independent power supply, continuous monitoring and maintenance, ensuring consistent performance and proper functioning of the web sites.

A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet. Domain names are also hostnames that identify Internet Protocol (IP) resources such as web sites. By using a system of domain names normal names are converted into numerical so-called IP addresses. They represent a series of numbers such as showing the physical address of the computer that is hosting a website. The domain names help users easier to remember and to find the web sites. For example, it is much easier to remember the name of, rather than its IP address is

There are companies that have the rights to register domain names through a system of servers. Each domain is registered for a certain period of time. The minimum period is one year, but you can buy a registration for 2, 5 or maximum 10 years. After this period the domain have to be renewed, i.e. to pay a fee to its existence for another period of time.

The logo is an essential element of the corporate identity of each company. Its creation is not an easy task. But there is no reason for worries! The team at Web Design Studio Valkov deals exactly with this. In order to create interesting, leaving a mark in people's minds logos are needed both creativity and technical skills.

We at Web Design Studio Valkov offer professional  logo design and logo creation for your organization, taking into account your needs and satisfyin your requirements for its vision.