About Us

Web Design Studio Valkov

Our team focuses its efforts on developing web solutions for companies, organizations and individuals benefiting more accessible and easier to manage and update dynamic websites.

Building a successful professional website is a challenge, so you should have a a clear idea about your business your potential customers and how you can integrate, extend, and transfer your activities on the Internet. We offer unique and affordable web design without compromising quality.

For more than eight years of work we have created websites that are on the leading positions in search results. We maintain close contact with our customers and at any time we are ready to respond to their needs regarding the management and the proper functioning of their websites.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide affordable, professional web solutions for companies, organizations and individuals at an affordable price. Through strategic partnerships and over ten years experience in Internet Web Design Studio Valkov continues to deliver high quality web solutions of varying size and scope. We strive to provide full service to our clients covering all aspects of the development process of any web site - from initial consultation through domain registration, providing web hosting services and launching the finished website. 

Our successful web projects start by defining the strategy and end with a fully functional web site in compliance with this strategy. Very often, these important elements are absent in the smaller websites, which can negatively affect your entire business. Each website is a direct reflection of the organization and its owners. We will work with you to determine the objectives of your company and to help you in achieving these goals. By using the services of Web Design Studio Valkov, you can plan your successful website.

Our Skills

hTML5 & css3 98%
PHP &MySql 95%
Photoshop & Illustrator 88%
Adobe Indesign 85%